Tips for house Buyers - 4
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Virtual Realty provides a series of essential TIPS for NZ house Buyers.
Page 4: What are the extra "Closing Costs?

What are the extra "Closing Costs"?

You should always realistically estimate what fees you will require in addition to the purchase price to close the sale of you home. The total closing costs vary dramatically based on where and what you are buying. They will vary from area to area but here is a brief list of some of the expenses that you may face.
These are in no particular order.

  1. Legal Fees: Have your lawyer quote you separately for his fees and disbursements.

  2. Mortgage application and processing fees to the lender: Your lender will give you the price for these items on application.

  3. New Home Fees: Fees such as education levies, driveway fees, tree fees, hydro or gas hookup fees, grading deposits must be reviewed in the offer.

  4. Connection Charges or New Account Fees: for utilities such as cable, gas, heat, sewer and water.

  5. Home inspection fees: See our section on home inspections.

  6. Moving expenses: This amount will depend on the distance and whether you are hiring a moving company or having your friends help. If you are using friends make sure you are properly insured in case someone gets injured.
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