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We provide a venue for students or landlords to advertise for flatmates for their house or flat.
You can place a free advert to attract more flatmates.

Place a Flatmate Wanted Ad Here - it's FREE

You can advertise to find a flatemate here...

Firstly CHOOSE WHERE your flat or room is located, or close to....             
(Nearest city or town is fine. Towns are listed from the tip of the North Island to Stewart Island)

* First name: * Surname:
* Phone:        * Email:

Type your FLATMATE WNTED advert below & include:         TIPS for advertisers
Yr suburb, nbr of others, $ per week. If smokers, pets OK. Carparking, If refs rqd, etc.

You can send some photos with your advert.
A photo or two really helps you to find flatmates

Are you providing photos - it's FREE?   Yes   No

Complete all fields with an * otherwise the form will not be sent:
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