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A brief explanation about how this site works.   search

How Does Virtual Realty Work?

Adverts sent to Virtual Realty are placed online by me.
To preserve the functionality of this site for all and to stop hackers or rogue advertisers spamming the site, ALL adverts are screened, proof-read and placed on the site in batches several times a day.
This site does NOT allow you to place your own advert online.

  • Inappropriate adverts are not displayed.
  • Offensive language in adverts is altered so it does not offend.
  • Spelling and punctuation are corrected.
  • Many people are now using text messaging on their cellphones. They use it when advertising too. However, the abbreviations and text language used on cellphones is not easily understood by everyone and if left as presented could make it difficult for many people using the Virtual Realty web site.

Photographs supplied often need to be cleaned up, sharpened and prepared for the internet. Photos are accepted by email, on CDs or in prints for scanning into digital form. Many images are far too large to be reasonably quick loading over the internet. Thumbnail photos are also made as needed for display.

At present, adverts and photos are placed onto the site in batches several times a day. Usually adverts and photos are prepared between 7 - 11am and between 5 - 8pm.

Although I provide this site and maintain it mainly as a FREE service to New Zealanders, donations towards it's upkeep are gratefully accepted. Cobil Limited - my personal company, has been created to operate Virtual Realty. If you think Virtual Realty provides a valuable service and you'd like to help it to continue to do so - please Click Here to make a donation to help cover costs.
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